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« We dont inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children »
_ Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Because it is necessary and urgent to preserve our beautiful island and planet, Caraïb’Bay Hôtel is committed since 2014 to an environmental protection strategy and was even precursor of this approach in Guadeloupe by associating with the AGE (Association Guadeloupe Ecotourism) to think and realise real environmental actions, like waste sorting, water and electricity consumption reduction on the premises of the hotel.

Inside the hotel, inspections have been implemented especially a monthly statement of water consumption and a monitoring of electricity consumption upon the arrival of each client. We are also raising awareness among our clients concerning the waste sorting and the water and electricity consumption.
In 2017, solar panels with trackers have been installed to follow the course of the sun and optimise, up to 40% our power generation

The entire team is aware of these issues and respond favourably to this ecotourism approach, conscious of the impact it has on our island.

The Caraïb’Bay Hôtel via our reception, our booklet and the posters in our lodgings raise awareness in our clients so they can become partners and players of this environmental approach.

Caraïb’Bay Hôtel is committed to our clients, offering activities to get them close to nature, flora and fauna with our partners themselves committed to Guadeloupe National Park or other associations.

smart flower at the Caraïb'Bay Hôtel
european ecolabel logo
smart flower device at Caraïb'Bay Hôtel with tropical park in the background

Waste disposal

- Selective sorting of glass, cardboard and plastic.
- Optimization of the use of packagings


- Use of a pressure reducing valve
- Constant monitoring of water consumption
- Tropical garden with local species


- 100% LED lighting
- 100% solar boiler
- Control of the air-conditioning systems
- “SMART FLOWER” solar energy production

Chemical substances

- Exclusive use of Ecocert/ Ecolabel certified products (cleaning products, shower gel, dish soap, detergent)