Caraïb'Bay Hôtel - view of the town of Deshaies with sea and forest


Distilleries Bologne, Longueteau, Damoiseau

Discover the manufacturing of rhum, from the cutting of the sugar cane to the final product !

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Cacao House - Pointe Noire

Delight your taste buds, enjoy and savour.

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Mamelles Park - Pointe Noire

In the heart of the tropical forest, discover different species of the Carribeans and French Guiana.

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Botanical Garden - Deshaies

Escape through the surprising West Indies flora and let the color and scents of the tropics guide you.

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The Engraved Rocks Archaeological Park - Trois rivières

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The Memorial Acte - Pointe à Pitre

Enter a location dedicated to collective memory on slavery and slave trade.

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Sugar Refinery Gardel Saint François